Red Tent

It is nothing new that the feminine principle has been excluded from the inner life of each of us for a long time. With this, we are all lacking a true connection with what is most essential, with the ability to relate ourselves with others with a soul felt connection. We need a place to nourish ourselves and, at the same time, nourish others.


It is unfortunate to note that this feminine has been absent from our lives and from that sacred inner place that exists within each and all person.


Equally tragic is to realize, during these twenty-one years of the journey, that many, many women themselves have no contact with their maternal lineages. They look like hungry ghosts inhabiting bodies that do not belong to them, for to them the territory of the feminine is still a strange, almost alien place. Totally disconnected from their own lineage, from their cycles and mysteries and dissociated from their visceral nature, they seek their identity in a corrupted world, whose dominant system imposes distorted values.


For this reason, we launched a new project: the formation of leaderships of women’s circles through the journey of the Red Tent.


This pilot project is being developed since March 2015 under the guidance of Lúcia D. Torres. Women from the most diverse generations and cities who belong to the Tenda da Lua will be participating in this course. Those women’s groups will be offered free of charge for peripheral communities, neighborhood associations and other low-income populations.


The Red Tent Circles are intended for any woman above 18 years old. There will be fortnightly meetings, from March to December of each year, totaling twenty meetings with a workload of 60 hours. The methodology used includes moments of sharing, healing circles, workshops, connection with the sacred through symbolic oracular language, films and debates.


It will address themes that directly concern women’s “blood mysteries” (menarche, maternity, menopause). These issues will be connected to the ancestral feminine wisdom like knowledge of medicinal herbs but will also include information that allows a reflection regarding behavior standards.


It is another opportunity for the women of this movement to be in service, honoring the commitment to become agents for social and planetary transformation.


It is also to make the female universe more familiar to all of us, especially to learn how to lives with and among women.


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